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Analysis: A 'super grid' for Europe?, Stefan Nicola, 02.11.2007

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  • Wind-fuelled 'supergrid' offers clean power to Europe, Paul Rodgers, 25.11.2007
  • CommentIn the article "Wind-fuelled 'supergrid' offers clean power to Europe" I am quoted as saying: "We have the technical abilities to build such a supergrid within three to five years". This could be understood as an estimate of the time necessary to build a totally renewable electricity supply. In fact, the three to five years referred to the time needed to build individual systems, such as a Swiss-German HVDC line to carry wind power from the North Sea to Switzerland and backup power from Swiss hydropower into the opposite direction, which could later be part of a larger system. In order to develop the entire system, huge manufacturing capacities for the components must be developed. I would guess we could erect the whole system within 20 years. But that's only true if the necessary political framework is introduced more or less immediately. If politicians do not act, the time required will rise from decades to infinity. So the results of my research demand political action. G. Czisch

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  • Salzburger Fenster 40/07, Heinrich Breidenbach, 28.11.2007
  • Translated by Wibke von Flemming and reviewed by Heinrich Breidenbach, 18.12.2008

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