Vortrag Lübeck 2006 - Folie 5

Aus Transnational-Renewables

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Lecture Magdeburg [2001,en], Vortrag Lübeck [2006,de], Lecture Barcelona [2008,en], Vortrag EWEA 2000 [2000,en]
Vorstellung regenerativer Energien: Biomasse, Windenergie, Fallwindkraftwerke, Geothermie, Wasserkraft, Solarenergie



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The seasonal variation of power production from SEGS power plants is significantly smaller at lower latitudes.

On this slide you can see for example the ratio between the average electricity production in December and July. As it is the case for the PV electricity production, at the southern Sahara we find that the production only changes slightly over the months while the variations increase much stronger going to higher longitudes.