Vortrag Lübeck 2006 - Folie 1

Aus Transnational-Renewables

Lecture Magdeburg [2001,en], Vortrag Lübeck [2006,de], Lecture Barcelona [2008,en], Vortrag EWEA 2000 [2000,en]
Vorstellung regenerativer Energien: Biomasse, Windenergie, Fallwindkraftwerke, Geothermie, Wasserkraft, Solarenergie

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I my talk I will show that we can produce all our electricity from renewable sources. This would have a high positive impact on climate protection since today nearly half of the CO2 emissions are caused by electricity production.

In my talk I will introduce you to some the worldwide potentials for renewable electricity production. The techniques we will discuss are electricity production via solar thermal power plants and hydropower and finally we will focus on wind energy. For each of these options of power generation I am going to point out the characteristics with regard to their specific temporal behaviour and the costs to be expected.

We will see that the temporal behaviour significantly changes with the size and the selection of the catchment area used for the power generation.

We will also touch on the topics of backup and storage needs, the subject of grid capacities and of cause the question of electricity costs.

After this we will come to economically viable „Scenarios for a Future Electricity Supply“ * based 100% on renewable energies. It will be shown that a change to a totally renewable electricity supply is neither a technical nor a economic problem but mainly a political task.

  • Background Information:

Szenarien zur zukünftigen Stromversorgung - Kostenoptimierte Variationen zur Versorgung Europas und seiner Nachbarn mit Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien https://kobra.bibliothek.uni-kassel.de/handle/urn:nbn:de:hebis:34-200604119596 Low Cost but Totally Renewable Electricity Supply for a Huge Supply Area http://www.iset.uni-kassel.de/abt/w3-w/projekte/LowCostEuropElSup_revised_for_AKE_2006.pdf