Vortrag Lübeck 2006 - Folie 25

Aus Transnational-Renewables

Lecture Magdeburg [2001,en], Vortrag Lübeck [2006,de], Lecture Barcelona [2008,en], Vortrag EWEA 2000 [2000,en]
Vorstellung regenerativer Energien: Biomasse, Windenergie, Fallwindkraftwerke, Geothermie, Wasserkraft, Solarenergie



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There are many possibilities to get the necessary backup power. One is to enlarge the rated power at the hydro power reservoirs as it today sometimes is done to provide peak load capacity. Another way is to use thermal units which could also could be fired by Biomass.

In the example shown here the back-up is considered to come from gas turbines. Considering the typical cost range the total investment in the back-up system would only cost 5 to 10% of the expenses for the wind turbines and therefore is clearly of minor economic relevance.